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ICCR - International Confederation of Container Reconditioners

Membership Information

Membership in ICCR is open to any reconditioner or association representing reconditioners.
A company, however, must participate in ICCR through an association that represents the geographical area in which the firm is situated. If there is no association in the region, or the existing association is unwilling to participate, an individual company will be admitted to ICCR. It is the goal of ICCR to obtain the participation of at least one member from each nation where packaging reconditioning is performed.

What is ICCR

The International Confederation of Container Reconditioners (ICCR) is a world-wide group comprised of four trade associations representing reconditioners inEurope, Japan, and North America. ICCR provides a coordinated effort on international regulatory matters, and represents the world's reconditioning industry before international agencies, including the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, the International Maritime Organization and the International Civil Aviation Organization.

SERRED Secretariat

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JDRA - Japan Drum Reconditioners' Association

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ICCR Decides To Refurbish IBC Paper for the UN

Following extensive consultations with IBC user groups, manufacturers and government representatives, the International Confederation of Container Reconditioners decided to rework its IBC reconditioning paper and resubmit it to the UN next summer. The paper would establish definitions for key IBC reuse practices, and marking requirements for reconditioned and remanufactured IBCs.

In the days leading up to the December UN Subcommittee of Experts meeting, user groups, including the European Chemical Manufacturers Association (CEFIC), and the International Confederation of Intermediate Bulk Container Associations (ICIBCA), expressed concern that the paper did not fully take into account the manner in which some "heavy-duty" IBCs are used by shippers. Metal IBCs, for example, are usually owned or leased by shippers, and are used continually in various kinds of service. Although the ICCR paper attempted to exclude such units from reconditioning requirements through a reuse provision, CEFIC members asked for further clarification of this issue.

In a statement to the Subcommittee, ICCR Secretariat Larry Bierlein noted that the paper was developed "to better define IBC reprocessing tasks and to allocate responsibilities where we believe the Model Regulations to be unclear today. After submission of the paper, it became evident... that unresolved concerns remain."