Carbon Footprint on Steel drums

Please go to Members News to download a powerpoint presentation about the Carbon Footprint.

This Presentation is based on a study made by TAUW and is intended to show that Members within SERRED are fully aware of the Global Environmental problems, and wish to advocate, by showing guaranteed detail, that it is advantageous to use a form of Packaging which can be Reused.

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Carbon Footprint on Plastic drums

SERRED has been collecting and reconditioning plastic drums and other industrial packagings for reuse for many years. All the packagings we collect from regional businesses - including plastic drums - are cleaned and tested for safety. Those that cannot be reused are scrapped for recycling and eventually turned into useful new plastic products.

On the page Members News you can find an article prepared by the Plastic Drum Institute and the Reusable Industrial Packaging Association that describes the amazing environmental benefits of the reusable plastic drum.

SERRED is proud of the environmental services we provide to our business partners by collecting, transporting, cleaning and reprocessing millions of packagings every year. Packaging reuse saves energy and the production of greenhouse gases, making our community a better place in which to live.

I hope you can use the article in your publication. Please contact us if you would like additional information about our company or the services we provide.

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